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Muslim Girlfriend's Guide To Divorce - The Basics

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Your Survivial Guide to Divorce and How To Be In The Express Lane To Recovery. Follow My Formula To Attain A New Life of Peace, Contentment and Progress.
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1 year ago

Great read ☺️

I really enjoyed this and I generally love sairas content! I felt like this wasn’t only for people going through a divorce/separation it was just a general way of how keep strong through your hardships no matter what they may be! It reminded me to rely on Allah a little bit more. Marriage isn’t easy. We all go through hardships in life and they are all different. Saira, you are such a strong women and role model to all women out there, of all ages. Keep slaying like you do and May allah swt bring you all the blessings in the world In’sha’allah ❤️ I would definitely recommend to you all!


1 year ago

Empowering read

An empowering read whether you are going through divorce or not. Easy read - well worth a purchase.


Verified Buyer

1 year ago


If you are looking for the Basics - this would definitely be a good read to start off with to get you in the right direction.


1 year ago

Muslim Gurlfrind guide to divorce

This is one of the best read . I love how it break down the stages and what to do in exac stage . It kinda prepare you for what’s coming and understand the whole process . You are amazing with words . Thanks girl!!!


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Every girl needs to read this!

I bought this mostly because I enjoy Saira’s content and wanted to support her. I was also curious. This guide is not just for Muslim women or women contemplating divorce. This is a guide inspiring women to be confident and happy with themselves and their lives. It encourages women to take care of themself and if that means getting divorced, that’s okay. A great read. Highly recommend.



-Vivid steps on how to move forward from a relationship, breakup, any situation that doesn’t serve you

-Key practices to self soothe

-Forecasting what the road to recovery may look like

-How to address denial & acceptance 

-Suggest activities that you can partake in to heal and put you in the express lane of recovery